Step by Step Process

Start with a FREE ESTIMATE


Please fill out our quote form so Alice can better understand your story. From there you two can talk on the phone and discuss details in pricing and next steps. 



Alice suggests reading “Alice’s Story” to build trust. She has been in your shoes and will like you to feel comfortable revealing any family history she will need to reach your goals. 

This will be an in-depth conversation about your story and your hopes on what you would like to happen with this project. Alice will be keeping notes and records on everything to help with the project. She will be asking you a lot of questions during this meeting and you will have plenty of time to ask any questions of Alice. 

This is when Alice will present a rough draft of a project plan from your consultation and the information provided to her. If you are both happy with the project plan and wish to proceed. Alice will discuss price rates with you. 

Once you agree then you can move on to finding your past!!

Goal Setting


The first step is figuring out how Alice can help you reach your goals and break through the brick walls that have been deterring you from succeeding. Alice gets to know your story, reviews the information you have already  provided to her.

You will discuss your research problem with her and make sure she clearly understands what you would like her to accomplish. From there, Alice will assess how much time the project will take and explain what results you can expect.  

Just like your family, every research project is unique. The ability to discover family stories depends on a variety of factors:

  • The time period being researched.
  • If we are searching for biological  relatives that do not want to be reached 
  • The area where your ancestors lived.
  • The availability of records and documents for the time and location.
  • The number of family lines being researched

The Project Plan


Alice’s project plan will outline what she will do to find the information you want. She will go to libraries, courthouses, archives, cemeteries, and other places to search for the information you are looking for. She can prepare forms such as pedigree charts, family group sheets, and applications to lineage societies, also enter information into a genealogical computer programs.

Alice regularly reviews her research and compares her findings with other documents to confirm or disprove conclusions.

Periodically, Alice will prepare a report about her research activities. The report can include photocopies or abstracts of important information. It may also include suggestions for continued research.

Review Information Found


Alice will contact you with timely updates and notify you when milestones are met. 

Alice will be recording a journal of all the research along the way, so you can have a clear understanding of her process of the project. 

Research doesn't always progress in a linear fashion, and it may not occur as originally planned. When this happens, Alice will reassessed your project and together you two can decide about how to continue. 

FInal Consultation


Alice will contact you to schedule your final consultation either by phone or in person. 

This meeting is for you to review the findings durning the project plan and to ask Alice any questions you may have.