Alice is amazing!  She was able to confirm that I had found my birth father’s family with a single DNA test.  I did not even have a name to begin searching!  Then, using newspapers, yearbooks, genealogy websites, and the minimal non-identifying information I received from my adoption agency, she was able to locate my birth mother.  I had no idea of where to look, but Alice found her even though she had married, changed her name and moved to a different area of the U.S.  I have to admire her resourcefulness and tenacity.

Denise D.




" I wish to acknowledge the overwhelming support and research that you have been involved in locating many US Servicemen's history including locating decendants.  Your effective research skills have been instrumental in locating many clues, secrets and piecing together the puzzle of military history.  I highly recommend Alice in her research techniques and skills and wish to officially thank her for the overwhelmingly workloads that she so readily masters"   

- Michael Musumeci

USAAF and RAAF crashes that occurred in Australia durning World Ward 11. Limited Edition.
USAAF and RAAF crashes that occurred in Australia durning World Ward 11. Limited Edition.


Jennifer B.

After 50 years of not knowing anything about my heritage, I finally became curious enough to conduct a saliva test to determine if there was anyone out there related to me by blood. The website 23andme.com determined I had 1000+ relatives across the globe and the one closest was Alice Clement.  With very little info to go on, Alice began her search only knowing the date and area of which I was born.  After my adoptive father passed, my mother gave me a missing piece, my last name to one of my biological parents.  Alice became very intense with the search and within a few shorts weeks solved the entire puzzle.  Through the entire process Alice was hopeful, encouraging, and most of all, determined.  At the end of it all, she found my biological parents, whom married and went on to have three more children.  We recently met and it was a piece of my life that I’m thrilled to have the answer to.  I’m so grateful for Alice’s persistence.  She is an angel!

- Jennifer B.

"I’m the second from the left" - Jennifer
"I’m the second from the left" - Jennifer

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