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Search Your Past!

Alice can help!


Researching your family history can be exciting! But it can also be complex, confusing, and time-consuming.

 Alice has years of experience solving family history puzzles by learning the story, finding records, documentations, facts, DNA, and more. She can help fill in what’s missing in your family history.  

What Alice Does


Alice will begin with an in-depth conversation with you about your goals. 

Then she will develop a research plan based on the information gathered, that is when the hard work begins. Alice will keep record of her research for you along the way, so you will have a clear understanding of her research process. 

During the project, Alice will contact you with timely updates and notify you when milestones are met. Research doesn’t always progress in a linear fashion, and occasionally, it may not occur as originally planned. When this happens, Alice will reassess your goals, and together you will decide about how to continue. 

At the end of the project Alice will schedule a final consultation with you to review the findings and answer any questions you may have. 

Why use The Box In The Attic?


I am a researcher and member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, that has learned the processes on my own with ancestry, genealogy and family search. The financial cost to the client will be less then a “professional”.  

I do not look at your project as a “job” with financial gain.  But there are costs involved that are incurred to get the best result.    

In my own research I found that some professional genealogical research pricing starts at $2,500.  I still sought out for help, and paid $500.00 to a “professional” for an initial fee, who came back with no answer for me.  I then kept digging and found what I needed.  

I realized at that point that I have the ability to do this to help others at a more reasonable price.

I have a passion to find what the client is looking for.  I am determined to get a result and will not give up easily.  

I find myself invested in each client’s project and my heart goes along with it.  Every story is unique, and grabs hold of me until I find some answers.




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